Certain professionals, like doctors, lawyers, even accountants, can be tough to talk to. Hair stylists also rely on an industry-specific vocabulary. And learning it can help a man get the style he wants, every time.


When you’re ready for your next cut, remember these simple tips to get the perfect haircut for you.


Tip 1: Over-Communicate

You’re a guy. You like to hold your cards close to your vest. But stylists don’t read minds, which means it’s totally up to you to clearly indicate to them the type of hair you’re looking for. If you can, tear a photo from a magazine that showcases the cut you want. A picture really is worth 1000 words.


Tip 2: Be Specific

Don’t speak in generalities. For instance, you might say you want a trim, but one styist's trim is anothers restyle. To avoid these kinds of misunderstandings (that may take months to correct), give your stylist a clear description of the look you want to achieve and make sure they hear you loud and clear.


Tip 3: Be Realistic

You want Brad Pitt’s haircut, that’s understandable. But is it realistic? Not if your hair is thinning on top, or if you have naturally curly hair. It can’t hurt to ask, but be ready to hear a more honest assessment from your stylist about the cut that will actually work well for you.


Tip 4: Trust the Pro

Stylists are trained professionals who consider things like the shape of your head, and how your hair will frame your face. Be clear about the cut you want and styles you like, then let the stylist tell you the best way to achieve it. For instance, it pays to defer to your stylist’s judgement regarding sideburns and neckline because they may not work with your new cut.


Tip 5: Treat People Right

A person with the scissors in their hands is a person you want on your side. This is obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Show up on time, make small talk and tip well, and you’ll have a good thing going.


Few things build confidence like a great haircut, especially when you consider the price point. Thankfully, it’s the kind of “feeling good about yourself” opportunity you can capitalize on every four to six weeks.

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